-  No metrology experience required.
-  Software simplifies all operations.
-  Fully automated 3D inspection anywhere in your shop.

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Verisurf ensures that all of our CMMs are simple and effective.

-  Open system strategy maximizes CAD and metrology interoperability.
-  Modular software ensures the right functionality for your application and budget.

3DG Gauge new arm with operator

Ultra-accurate six axis metrology.

-  Automated Inspection
-  Quality Reporting
-  Reverse Engineering
-  No metrology experience needed

The new PC-based Master3DGage™ portable CMM system uses precise, 3D model-based software to quickly and accurately verify part quality—right on a CNC machine or anywhere else in the manufacturing process.

Just align the part, inspect it, and report it. First article inspections that used to take hours or days now take just minutes.

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Renishaw EquatorRenishaw Logo

Renishaw Equator -- fast, easy 3D shop floor inspection.

Renishaw also uses Verisurf to take CAD coordinate meausurement to another level.
  • 3D coordinate measurement CAD.
  • Medium-high volume CMM inspection.
  • Rapid multiple parts shifting and design re-programming.
  • Plug-and-play single phase power (no air supply needed).

See the Equator solution.

Black Border Renishaw Productivity plus_4Renishaw Productivity Plus

Renishaw Productivity+ Machine Tool Probes -- for precision manufacturing.

  • Fully integrated inside of Mastercam.
  • For programming and verifying probing cycles.
  • Determines fixture offsets, orientation and critical dimensions.
  • Machine offsets can be automatically adjusted during machining.
  • Eliminates the need for tool pre-setters, expensive fixtures and manual settings/dial indicators.

See the Productivity+ solution.

1. Align  
2. Inspect  3. Report

Rapid, accurate part quality verification anywhere in your shop.

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